Written and Directed by
J. Michael Seyfert

Editing and Sound Design by
Manuel Iglesias

Narrated by
Garfield Maitland

Photography by
J. Michael Seyfert

Assistant Producer, Sound Recordist and Additional Photography
C. Bunker Seyfert

Additional Narration
Sarah Parnell "Phallic Sojourn" Dorset Accent
Kathy Aaron "U.S. Mid-Western" Accent

Jamaica Transportation and Production Assistance
Phillip Robinson
Phillip Country Tours, Montego Bay

Jim Eakin

Special Thanks to:

Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor
School of Sociology and Social Policy
University of Leeds

'Travel and Taboo: Heterosexual Sex Tourism to the Caribbean'
with J. Connell Davidson (2005) and Laurie Schaffner,
Elizabeth Bernstein (Eds),
Regulating Sex: The Politics of Intimacy and Identity, Routledge: London


3001: A Dub Odyssey
Nautilus Dub
Cover of Darkness Riddim
Seven Seas Dub
Town Universal (featuring B. Shaw)
Invasion of the Dub Snatchers
I Dream of Dub
Fantastic Vision
Alice Mash Up the Court
Written, Performed and Produced by Ital Roots Players

Reggae Ship
Composed and Performed by Clem Chambers

The Beginning
Dark Passage
Composed and Performed by Jon Prible

Adagio Funebre
Composed by Alberto Martinez Ramos
Piano: Nicole Postel
Cello: Juan Pablo Aleman

SightSoundingBackDrops 9+14
Composed and Performed by Steven "Breeze" Smith

Epic Voyage
Composed and Performed by David Jones

Dark Cellos
Composed and Performed by Keith Kehrer

Composed and Performed by Arek Religa

Nyabinghy Drum Sounds
Performed by Bobo Ashanti Band

With the Participation of:

Ras Astor Black Bob Marley School of the Arts Institute, Montego Bay
"Chucky" Owen Windsor, ITAL Riverside Rasta lodge, Hope Bay
Corey Norman "Shadowmove" Dekid, Farmer Hope Bay
Rasta Artist from Lucea
Ras Bongo Yu, Hanover
Pablo of Pablo's Restaurant, Negril

Hon. Priest Radcliffe
Hon. Priest Forrester
Hon. Priest Bob
Hon. Prophet Khomeini
Empress Beverley
Empress Filles
Hon. Priest Sheppy
Hon. Priest Delroy Williams
Prince Israel
Hon. Priest Courtley

Vinel O'Connor
Peter "Doppy" Russel
Fabian Brennthorp
Ras Bob
Ras Marcus

Granville Theocratic Government
Hon. Priest Isaac
Anita, Celo, Ras John

Stock Footage
Prelinger Archives

"The Slave Ship"
Joseph Turner 1840
courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"A Liverpool Slave Ship, About 1780"
by William Jackson
courtesy of Merseyside Maritime Museum

"TIME Magazine Cover, November 1930"
courtesy of TIME Magazine


Mortimo Planno
Laurie Roberts
Elsie Jackson
Shirley Cussi
MoBay Pork Pit
Irie Net
People of Hope Bay
Mama Flow, Negril
Margaritaville, Negril
Jamaica Ministry of National Security
Vidquip Productions, Kingston, Jamaica
The University of the West Indies Library
The American Bookstore, Centro Historico, Mexico City